Much of the best Spanish food in New York can be found at 78 Carmine Street, the home of Cafe Espanol. A traditional Spanish restaurant, Cafe Espanol creates both classic and little-known dishes with the freshest ingredients and the boldest seasonings. We take Spanish staples such as saffron rice, shrimp, meats and Manchego cheese along with onions, garlic and olive oil and illustrate why the reputation of Spanish cuisine has blossomed over the years. All 28 tapas on our menu and our made to order paellas capture the unforgettable flavors of Spain with the same intensity and variety you would find on the Iberian peninsula. At Cafe Espanol, we are dedicated to show you all a Spanish restaurant can be.
78 Carmine St New York, NY 10014-4371 Tel.(212) 675-3312 - Get Directions